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Domain Names - Registration, Renewals and Management

Before you can build a web site, you need to register a domain name and then get it hosted on a web server. You can do this yourself if you know how - we will be more than happy to waive our domain registration and renewal fees if you want to register and manage your own domain name - but we will not be held responsible if your domain name is hijacked by an unscrupulous registrar or competing web host. If you let us manage your domain name we guarantee your domain name will not be hijacked, and we further promise that you will not be bugged about your domain name by phone, email or snail mail. Every domain that we manage gets a private registration and our "no hijack" guarantee.

The following Top-Level Domains (TLD) are the best domain name extensions available, but this is not a complete list. Domain extensions can be used for just about any type of web site, but some are better suited for specific types of sites or industries:

.com - The original TLD and the best extension for any personal or business web site
.org - Good for any organization, better for Associations or Clubs
.net - Good for any use but better suited for "network" type businesses like phone and cable companies.
.co - Good for anything, Commercial, Commerce, Company.
.info - Good for personal or business use but best for informational web sites
.me - Best for personal web sites (Me!)
.mobi - Great for any mobile businesses
.us - Good for any business in the United States
.biz - Good for any business
.ca - For Canadian web sites

If you would like to check on the availability of a domain name, you can CLICK HERE to access the Internet Domain Name search page.

*Requires a 3 year term for domain name registrations and hosting, however, web hosting fees are pro-rated to match domain name registration date for simplified billing which is done every January.